Very few people have gone through life without experiencing back pain of some sort. Back pain can be caused by all kinds of things, whether it was caused by tweaking your back during a physical activity (such as working out or even lifting something heavy) or through poor posture (from sleeping at a strange angle or spending too much time slumped over the computer). Fortunately, there are a number of back pain remedies that you can try in order to reduce back pain. The following are some of those back pain remedies:

  • Exercise – Believe it or not, but continuing to exercise can actually reduce your back pain – as long as you don’t do anything strenuous, such as lifting weights. For example, going for a long walk can help ease your back pain because it allows your back to remain in a neutral position, while helping work out other muscles in your body that will help take the load off your back.
  • Practice good posture – By making sure you have good posture while sitting or standing, you can reduce the amount of strain and pressure being put on your back. Not only can this help to reduce some of your back pain, it can also help prevent back pain in the future.
  • Apply heat and ice to your back – If you’re experiencing swelling in your back, ice is a great way to keep it down. It also helps numb the pain. Ice is best used for two days following a back injury. After that, you should begin using a heating pad in order to relieve some of the lingering pain.
  • Stop laying around in bed – If you’ve experienced bad lower back pain, don’t spend too much time in bed. Bed rest is more suitable for an illness, not for back pain. You should begin moving as quickly as possible if you’ve experienced back pain. Studies have uncovered that patients with short-term lower back pain often feel more pain and have more difficulty with normal tasks when they spend a lot of time resting in bed than those who stay active. Laying around in bed for longer than you should can contribute to poor posture. Besides, activity helps strengthen your body, thereby reducing the stress on your back.

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You should keep in mind that these back pain remedies are for short-term back pain. If you are experiencing chronic back pain – or back pain that is debilitating and that is keeping you from being able to do anything else – then you should see a medical professional as soon as you can. You may want to see a medical professional even for less serious issues just to get a professional opinion.

Here at MEDIQ Urgent Care, you can drop in to see someone at your convenience without having to worry about making an appointment – although you can still do so via our website. You can also pre-register, making it easier to drop in for a checkup without an appointment in the future.s