0cdf50110adb40d0b0fc34078300e2d9MEDIQ Urgent Care offers quick, affordable physicals in Archdale, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem

With no appointment necessary for our walk-in physicals in Archdale, Greensboro and Winston-Salem, along with extended evening and weekend hours, we make it as convenient as possible to cross mandatory physicals off your to-do list. Interested in a DOT physical exam? We can handle that, too. Just bring any forms that need to be completed for your specific physical.

Mandatory physical exams are required for numerous reasons for both children and adults alike. Yet, remembering to make an appointment, or finding the time to do so, seems to be tricky for many of us. When you need an exam at the last minute, trying to find a place that completes physicals may feel like a daunting task. Thankfully, MEDIQ Urgent Care is here for you.

Whether it’s sports related, school or work related, or necessary for something else, the medical professionals at MEDIQ Urgent Care can get your physical exam completed in no time. Just visit the clinic nearest you with your forms, and we’ll have you in and out as quickly as possible.

For questions regarding a physical exam, reach out to our office in Archdale, Greensboro or Winston-Salem.


Walk In for a Variety of Physical Exams

Our extended evening and weekend hours at MEDIQ Urgent Care make it easier than ever for you to get the physical exam you need. And, with no appointment necessary, you can walk in at a time that works best for you. Just be sure to bring any forms that need to be filled out for your specific physical.

Our medical professionals can complete a variety of physical exams, including: 


Visit Our Clinics

MEDIQ Urgent Care is open seven days a week for up to 12 hours a day.  We accept most major health insurance plans, so when you come for your physical, just be sure to bring your insurance card and the policy holder’s name, date of birth, and social security number. We’ll bill your insurance company directly, so you have nothing to worry about after your visit.

If you need a physical completed, but you don’t have health insurance, that’s okay. MEDIQ Urgent Care has affordable, straightforward prices, meaning you’ll understand exactly what you’re paying for out-of-pocket. If you have any questions regarding pricing, please give us a call.

Visit MEDIQ Urgent Care in Archdale, Greensboro or Winston-Salem today! Just walk in, or check in online below to save time.