As an employer, it’s in your best interest to keep your employees healthy. It’s why many businesses implement an employee wellness program. Here at MEDIQ Urgent Care, we can provide you with a number of occupational health services as part of your employee wellness program, from occupational therapy and ergonomics to health exams and other specialized testing.

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Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs

An employee wellness program can accomplish a number of different things. Companies create different types of employee wellness programs, but they all have a number of things in common – they help spread awareness of healthy habits to their employees and encourage a healthier lifestyle through access to health-related information and services.

Employee benefits with wellness programs achieve things such as:

  • Happier employees – Employees who are healthy tend to be happier. They’ll be more likely to stick with your company if they feel good while working there and if they see that you care enough about their well-being to have a wellness program in the first place.
  • Less absent employees – If your employees are sick less, it means that they won’t miss work as often. You have to cover the wages of an absent employee, and you also lose their productivity in the office, which means that it’s in your best interest to keep them healthy and at work.
  • Less sick employees – Not all employees will take off when they are sick. However, if they are sick at work, they’re more likely to get others sick. Additionally, when employees are physically unwell, it generally means that they won’t be able to do as good as a job as they normally do due to a lack of energy.

Our Employee Wellness Programs Include:

Different employee wellness programs offer different things. The following are just a few ideas for what you could include in your employee wellness program:

  • Wellness newsletter – Create a monthly newsletter that provides employees with various fitness and health tips, advice and information. You can use newsletters like these to encourage employees to get annual checkups or to go get their annual flu shot.
  • Smoking cessation program – Encourage your employees to quit smoking if they have a habit. You can do this by providing lifestyle coaching and pharmacological assistance.
  • Employee wellness challenges and rewards – Provide various rewards for wellness challenges, whether it’s to quit smoking, lose a few pounds, lower cholesterol or participate in certain fitness challenges to name a few.
  • Offer healthy snacks – Replace all of the soda and sugar-filled candy available in your office vending machines with healthier snacks, from trail mix to fruit and other such options.
  • Hold a health fair – Hold a health fair and invite health-related specialists to come speak to your employees about nutrition and wellness activities.

Starting Your Employee Wellness Program

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