Return to Work Physicals

For Employers and Residents in Archdale, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and the surrounding towns

Are you in need of a medical provider’s approval to return to work after a serious injury? Or, are you an employer who is eager to bring a recently injured employee back, but you want to make sure he or she is physically ready? Whether the injury was job-related or not, if it prevented you from working, you’ll want a full return to work examination to ensure you’re not going back too soon.

Whether you’re the employer or employee, the team at MEDIQ Urgent Care can help with return to work physicals. Our extended hours and convenient location make it easy to get the full exam you need. And, with no appointment necessary, you can come see us for your return to work exam as soon as you’re ready.

To talk to our office about return to work physicals, contact our offices in Archdale, Greensboro or Winston-Salem.

Walk In Today for Your Return to Work Physical

Prematurely going back to your full job duties after an injury can not only cause the injury to happen again, but it can make the issue worse the second time. Return to work physicals help prevent re-injury, allowing employees to feel confident and comfortable when they’re back in the workplace.

They’re necessary in a variety of situations, including:

  • Giving an employee who has been on limited duty the OK to return to their typical assigned duties
  • Measuring an employee’s physical fitness after an injury to outline what limited duties he or she is ready to perform
  • Allowing an employee to return to full duties after being fully absent for a work-related or non-occupational injury

If it’s time for you to receive a return to work exam, the experts at MEDIQ Urgent Care are ready for you. We’re open seven days a week for up to 12 hours most days, giving you the flexibility to see us when it’s most convenient for you. Simply walk in, or reserve your spot online, to receive fast, quality care from an excellent team!