X-Rays & Diagnostics

On-Site X-rays for a Quick, Convenient Evaluation

With state of the art digital imaging and X-ray machines in-house, our medical team is able to quickly assess your injury or illness. You won’t need to travel elsewhere for your X-rays, or wait in pain for hours. We’ll get you in and out, with the best treatment plan possible.

Our services cost much less than a visit to the Emergency Room and we are happy to coordinate with your Primary Care Provider or chosen specialist to help manage any follow-up treatment.

Our X-Ray System is operated by licensed Radiologic Technologists. For prompt and effective diagnostics, we also have Slit Lamp Machines (vision function), Electrocardiograms (EKG –  heart function), a hearing booth, audiological evaluations and Spirometers (lung function).

For fast, affordable X-rays, choose MEDIQ Urgent Care.