The spring season marks the beginning of the sports season for many student athletes. Some of the most popular spring sports include baseball, tennis and lacrosse. Of course, spring is also when many adult sports leagues start up as well. Because of this, anyone who is planning on beginning a sport in the spring should get a spring sports physical at our MEDIQ Urgent Care clinic in Greensboro.

Why You Need a Spring Sports Physical

First of all, most states will require that student athletes get a physical before they are allowed to compete in a sport at school. A physical exam will help identify if the student is healthy enough to compete. For example, a student may be recovering from an injury or may not know that they are carrying an injury that could grow worse with heavy physical activity.

A physical exam will also determine if the student has any medical conditions or is in need of any medications that requires extra attention during physical activity. These conditions may include asthma, diabetes, epilepsy or the risk of a sudden cardiac arrest.

Although student athletes are typically required to get a physical before they start any school sports, adults are not required to take a physical before signing up for a rec league sport. If you’re an adult who is thinking about taking part in a spring sport, you should strongly consider getting a physical exam to ensure that you’re healthy enough to play.

What a Spring Sports Physical Consists of

The following are some of the questions that a doctor will ask when performing a sports physical:

  • They will ask if you have any medical conditions and allergies.
  • They will ask about any previous hospitalizations or surgeries.
  • They will ask about any previous spots injuries you’ve experienced, such as fractures or concussions.
  • They will ask if there is a history of illnesses within your family.
  • They will ask if you’ve ever had chest pain, trouble breathing, if you’ve passed out or if you’ve ever felt dizzy.

The following are some of the things a Doctor will check when performing a sports physical in order to determine your physical health:

  • They will take your pulse rate and your blood pressure.
  • They will check your reflexes, coordination and strength to ensure your neurological function is fine.
  • They will check your heart and lungs to ensure there’s nothing wrong.
  • They will test your hearing and vision.
  • They will check your ears, nose and throat.
  • They will check your mobility, spinal alignment, posture and joint flexibility.
  • They will screen for cholesterol levels, a hemoglobin count and a urinalysis.

Spring Sports Physicals in Greensboro

If you are planning on playing sports in the spring, whether you’re a student or an adult looking to join a rec league, then you should get a spring sports physical. You can schedule a physical on our website or you can drop in at our MEDIQ Urgent Care clinic without an appointment if it’s easier for you to do so.